Makome Bus Accident Along Kampala-Mbarara Highway The Driver Fled

Makome Bus Accident Along Kampala-Mbarara Highway The Driver Fled

Makome Bus Accident Along Kampala-Mbarara Highway The Driver Fled. The Makome Bus Accident Along Kampala-Mbarara Highway, where the driver fled the scene, has sent shockwaves through the community. This tragic incident occurred amidst adverse weather conditions, causing the bus to overturn, resulting in multiple injuries. Despite the immediate response from authorities and residents to provide medical assistance, the driver’s disappearance has heightened concerns and intensified efforts to locate them. As investigations unfold, the need for accountability and enhanced safety measures on our roads becomes increasingly apparent. Stay updated on this developing story and explore more insightful content on safety and travel at

Makome Bus Accident Along Kampala-Mbarara Highway The Driver Fled
Makome Bus Accident Along Kampala-Mbarara Highway The Driver Fled

I. Incident Details: makome bus accident

The Makome bus accident, a tragic incident that occurred on the Kampala-Mbarara highway, sent shockwaves through the community. On a fateful Monday morning, at approximately 11:00 AM, tragedy struck near Kyekurura, just after the Kinoni center in the Lwengo district, part of Greater Masaka. It involved a Global Coaches bus with registration number UBB 985M, which veered off the road and overturned, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

According to statements from law enforcement officials, preliminary investigations suggest that the accident was caused by adverse weather conditions. Heavy rainfall in the morning had rendered the road slippery, leading to loss of control by the bus driver. The treacherous conditions resulted in the bus skidding multiple times before ultimately overturning.

The immediate aftermath of the accident was chaotic, with passengers screaming for help and bystanders rushing to the scene to offer assistance. Amidst the chaos, emergency services were deployed swiftly to provide medical aid to the injured and transport them to nearby medical facilities for urgent treatment.

The severity of the accident was underscored by the fact that at least one individual sustained severe injuries, requiring immediate medical attention. Additionally, several others suffered minor injuries, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Law enforcement officials cordoned off the area to facilitate rescue operations and gather evidence for further investigation. Traffic on the Kampala-Mbarara highway was temporarily disrupted as authorities worked tirelessly to clear the wreckage and restore normalcy to the affected stretch of road.

As the investigation into the Makome bus accident continues, authorities urge drivers to exercise caution, especially during adverse weather conditions. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety measures and the need for vigilance behind the wheel to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

II. Casualties and Response

The casualties resulting from the Makome bus accident were significant, with multiple passengers sustaining injuries. Among them, one individual suffered severe injuries, necessitating urgent medical attention. The injured passengers were promptly attended to by local authorities and residents, who swiftly mobilized to provide medical care and assistance.

Law enforcement officials, including spokesperson SP Twaha Kasirye, emphasized the critical need for caution on slippery roads during the rainy season. They underscored the role of adverse weather conditions, particularly heavy rainfall, in contributing to accidents like the one witnessed on the Kampala-Mbarara highway. Urging drivers to exercise heightened vigilance and adhere to speed limits, authorities emphasized the importance of prioritizing safety to prevent further tragedies.

The immediate response by local authorities and residents reflects the community’s resilience and solidarity in times of crisis. Despite the chaos and uncertainty following the Makome Bus Accident, their swift action undoubtedly helped mitigate the impact of the tragedy and save lives. As investigations into the incident continue, the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the community remains paramount in ensuring the safety and well-being of all road users.

Makome Bus Accident Along Kampala-Mbarara Highway The Driver Fled
Casualties and Response

III. Victims’ Identities: Names and details of the injured passengers

Law enforcement officials have confirmed the identities of the injured passengers involved in the Makome bus accident. Among them are:

  • Robert Sali, a 26-year-old resident of Kisasi Kampala.
  • Bosco Ocen, a 44-year-old male from the city of Gulu.
  • Paul Omara, aged 31, residing in Kanyangonga-B, Gulu.
  • Stella Adoti, 28 years old, resident of Wembley Kireka Kampala.
  • Banard Opio, a 21-year-old from Pece.
  • Margret Akull, aged 49, originally from Sudan and currently residing in Gulu.
  • Jackline Lanyero, 36 years old, residing in Badege, Gulu.
  • Harron Obira, a 21-year-old student from Busoga but living in Bulenga, Wakiso District.
  • Rashidah Kasana, 38 years old, residing in Gulu.
  • Stella Acayo, aged 36.
  • Simondo Izaruku, 28 years old.
  • Alex Lawoko.
  • Molly Akech, 27 years old.
  • Beatrice Acayo, 53 years old.
  • David Hiriye, 45 years old.
  • Robinson Namuwanjja, 33 years old, residing in Kireka Kampala.

These individuals come from diverse backgrounds and locations but were all affected by the unfortunate incident. Their identities serve as a reminder of the human toll of road accidents and the importance of continued efforts to improve safety measures on our roads.

IV. Search for Driver and Further Updates

Law enforcement agencies have intensified efforts to locate and apprehend the driver who fled the scene of the Makome bus accident. The driver, whose identity remains undisclosed, is being actively pursued to ascertain their role in the Makome Bus Accident and hold them accountable for their actions. Authorities are utilizing all available resources, including surveillance footage and witness testimonies, to trace the whereabouts of the fleeing individual.

Additionally, updates on the investigation into the cause of the accident are eagerly awaited. Law enforcement officials are diligently collecting evidence and conducting interviews to determine the sequence of events leading up to the tragic incident. They are also exploring factors such as road conditions, vehicle maintenance, and driver behavior to gain a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

As the search for the driver continues and the investigation progresses, further updates will be provided to the public. It is imperative that the responsible party is brought to justice, and measures are implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future. The cooperation of the community in sharing any relevant information is encouraged to facilitate a swift resolution to this unfortunate event.